Health World Hospital Doctor List

Health World Hospital Doctor List: Durgapur’s Finest in One Place

You enter the hospital with hope—Durgapur’s best doctors are just an appointment away! Over 300 beds and top-notch care await at Healthworld Hospital off NH2. When you search for Health World Hospital doctor list, Their professionals provide holistic, empathetic care for checkups, surgeries, and treatment. This leading health hub opened in 2017 to improve medical treatment through quality, innovation, and excellence. Affordable, transparent treatment is now available in a safe, welcoming environment. Browse their doctor profiles to start getting the care you deserve!

About Health World Hospital Doctor List in Durgapur

Modern Facilities

Healthworld Hospital features 300 beds, 6 major operating theaters, and a 24/7 ER. The latest medical equipment includes a 128-slice CT scan, 3 Tesla MRI, Digital X-ray, Ultrasound, and a fully automated clinical laboratory. They do sophisticated cardiology in their Cath lab. The hospital specializes in cardiology, neurology, nephrology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, and critical care.

Experienced Doctors Team

Approximately 200 doctors are experts in their professions when you look for the health world hospital doctor list. Many hold DM, DNB, and Fellowships. They keep up with medical advances through continuing education. Doctors with 15-20 years of experience lead the hospital’s Anesthesiology, Critical Care, Radiology, Pathology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry departments.

Focus on Patients

At Healthworld Hospital, patients come first. They aim to deliver excellent, compassionate treatment and the finest patient and family experience. Patients and families participate in care planning and decision-making. Their nurses and support workers know how to anticipate and meet patients’ requirements. Patient satisfaction and safety are their primary concerns.

Affordable, Clear Billing

Health World Hospital Doctor List’s goal is high-quality, affordable care. Their billing method is open, and they estimate processes beforehand. They accept all major insurers. They offer inexpensive packages to uninsured people. They aim to make sophisticated medical care affordable and accessible in Durgapur and beyond.

Quality Healthcare With a Patient-First Approach

Healthworld Hospital believes quality care begins with patient-centeredness. Their expert doctors and staff provide tailored care for each patient.

Complete Specialties

Over 50 disciplines and superspecialties are included in the Health World Hospital Doctor List. They offer neurologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, and orthopedic specialists to meet your healthcare needs. Critical treatment is available 24/7 in their emergency department.

High-Tech Facilities

Modern medical equipment includes 3 Tesla MRI, 128 Slice CT Scan, Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound, etc. Their modern Operating Theaters, ICUs, and automated labs provide accurate diagnosis and superior treatment.

Hygiene and Safety

They prioritize infection control and hygiene at their hospital. They strictly observe sanitization, sterilization, and waste management practices. Their air filtration and ventilation systems maintain ideal hospital temperature, humidity, and air quality.

Patient’s Experience

At Healthworld Hospital, they want their patients and family to have a great stay. Their staff is taught to be polite, sensitive, and patient-focused. A patient relations team handles complaints and feedback.

Health World Hospital Doctor List aims to be Durgapur’s top healthcare provider, focusing on clinical expertise, innovative facilities, patient safety, and an excellent experience. They aim to deliver ‘Health for All’ through inexpensive, high-quality medical services. Visit Healthworld to experience the difference!

An Overview of Services and Specialties

Healthworld Hospital provides various medical services and specialties for you and your family. 

Popular Services 

Health World Hospital Doctor List has a 24-hour emergency room with a level III NICU, PICU, and skilled emergency physicians and nurses. Their operating rooms perform several orthopedic, urological, gynecological, and general operations. They have on-site imaging, pathology, and dialysis.

Their Experts

Health World Hospital Doctor List includes skilled doctors and surgeons in numerous specialties. Cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, and pulmonologists treat heart, hormone, digestive, and lung disorders. Oncologists and hematologists treat cancer and blood disorders. They employ neurologists, nephrologists, and rheumatologists.

High-Tech Facilities

Their 24-hour emergency department, surgical rooms, diagnostic equipment, catheterization lab, endoscopy unit, dialysis unit, and newborn intensive care unit are also available. Their critical care units include coronary, medical, surgical, and trauma.

They aim to deliver top-notch medical care in Durgapur and around the world. Their staff, services, and facilities strive to give patients and their families the greatest care. Please contact them with any hospital, doctor, or care questions. 

Meet the Experienced Health World Hospital Doctor List.

Specialists with high qualifications

Their West Bengal medical professionals are top-notch at Healthworld Hospital. Their specialists have years of experience and knowledge. They use the latest medical research and technology to provide the greatest care.

Patient-Centered Method

Their doctors prioritize patients. They will listen to your problems, evaluate your medical history, and offer a treatment plan that meets your requirements and values. Your doctor will thoroughly explain your treatment options, risks, and advantages so you may make informed decisions.

Trustworthy Team

Their skilled doctors work together across specialties to provide you with comprehensive care. They can use the latest diagnostic equipment at their facility. You may rest easy knowing a team of expert doctors monitors your health and rehabilitation.

Specialist List

They have top cardiologists, neurologists, orthopedics, gastroenterologists, and more. Their team includes experts like Dr. Ananya Rai, M.D., a Senior Consultant Physician with 25+ years of experience in challenging medical problems.

Dr. Rohit Agarwal, M.S. Orthopaedics—Expert in joint replacement, sports medicine, and trauma surgery.

Interventional cardiologist Dr. Meena Shah specializes in coronary artery disease, heart failure, and valve diseases.

Gastroenterologist and hepatologist Saurabh Patel specializes in digestive problems, liver ailments, and therapeutic endoscopy.

The complete list of their expertise is available on their website. Their skilled doctors deliver personalized, compassionate medical treatment. Healthworld Hospital will take care of you.


You can find a pediatrician, cardiologist, or other specialty at Health World Hospital Doctor List. With cutting-edge equipment and Durgapur’s top experts, this facility strives to give every patient the best care. Avoid compromising your health. Visit Healthworld Hospital for reliable care. Its information concludes the piece conversational, underlining the hospital’s merits and urging readers to visit. Please let me know if I can improve this draft conclusion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a Healthworld Hospital doctor?

Finding the proper doctor at Healthworld Hospital is simple. Several choices exist. First, browse our online database of doctors, their specialties, credentials, office locations, and contact information. Specialty, gender, languages, and more can be filtered. Like a doctor’s profile? Call for an appointment or consultation.

What’s the appointment process?

Healthworld Hospital makes doctor appointments easy. Call the doctor’s office during business hours to make an appointment. Bring your name, insurance information, and reason for visiting. You can also book appointments using a doctor’s profile on our website.

Can I switch doctors?

You can switch doctors for any reason. Find a new doctor at Healthworld Hospital and call to make an appointment. Tell the new doctor’s staff you want to switch so they can acquire your medical records. To promote continuity of care, disclose your medical history and ongoing conditions or treatments at your first appointment.

Who owns Health World?

Healthworld Hospitals’ founder, chairman, and MD is Arunangshu Ganguly. He was Vice Chairman & Director of Intervention Cardiology at The Mission Hospital. Ganguly attended Bidhan Chandra.

What is Health World Durgapur’s toll-free number?

For booking and inquiries, phone 8170052665.

Is a thorough body check mandatory?

Physicals should be done annually for preventive care. Full-body checks are most helpful in identifying physical deficiencies and how to improve them. The main goal of this full-body checkup is to prevent the worst diseases and their effects in terms of Health World Hospital Doctor List.

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