Dua for Parent's Health

Dua for Parent’s Health: Prayers to Keep Mom & Dad Strong

Your parents are everything to you. They raised you, taught you right from wrong, and saw you mature. However, as your parents age, you see their health declining. They walk slower and remember less. You were looking to give but still trying to figure out how. Doing Dua for parent’s health their health and wellness is strong. This article discusses wonderful duas asking Allah (SWT) to bless your parents with health and ease. You’ll learn how actual dua may comfort, hope, and strengthen the family. Let’s learn how prayer can heal your parents.

What Dua is Good Health For Parents?

Recite Surah Yasin (chapter 36)

Surah Yasin, the Quran’s heart, is one of the best dua for parent’s health and longevity. This stirring surah discusses the transience of life and the immortality of the hereafter. Reciting it strengthens faith and calms the heart.

Hadith dua

The Prophet taught us a lovely parental dua: “O Allah, forgive me, pity me, lead me, give me health, and pardon me. Pardon my parents for raising me as a child.” This dua, especially after required prayers, grants you and your parents kindness and forgiveness.

General Quranic duas

Recite general Quranic dua for parent’s health and longevity: 

โ€ข “My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up when I was small.” Quran 17:24

โ€ข “O my Lord, granted them kindness as they loved me when I was young.” (17:23 Quran)

โ€ข “Lord, please bless me, my parents, and those who believe the Day the account is proven.” 14:41 Quran

Reciting the Quran generally benefits the reciter and their parents. Try reciting Quranic verses daily to ask Allah for mercy on your parents. Allah wishes your parents long, healthy, and joyful lives!

Prayer for Good Medical Result

Which Powerful Dua for Parent’s Health And Long Life in Arabic

The strongest dua for your parents’ health and longevity is Surah Yusuf, Ayat 24. Recite this Quranic verse often:

“O father, they said! We were sinners, so pardon us.”

Ask Allah to pardon your parents’ sins and grant them good health and a long life. Powerful duas include asking for forgiveness and mercy.

Recite Surah Al-Fatiha, the Quran’s first chapter, and blow on your parents. Surah Al-Fatiha asks Allah for wisdom and health. Blowing on your parents after reciting will comfort them.

A powerful dua for parent’s health is “Rabbighfir warham wa anta khayrur rahimeen”โ€””O Allah, forgive and have mercy, for You are the best of those who show mercy.” Prayerfully recite this dua for your parents, and Allah will answer.

You can say the dua: “Allahumma inni as’aluka shifaa’al mariz, wa alfiya alsaqim, wa azhabal ahzaab, wa quwwata alhayy, wa afiyat al abd, wa noor albasar, wa dawam as sam, wa furqan baynil haq bilbatil, wa husnal khatimah” meaning “O Allah, I ask You to grant health to the sick, cure to the incurable, relief to the afflicted, power to the weak, well-being to the oppressed, light to the blind, hearing to the deaf, discernment between truth and falsehood, and a good end.”

InshaAllah, reciting these powerful duas with sincerity and compassion for your parents will bring them good health, lessen their suffering, and give them long, meaningful lives. Let Allah hear your prayers and reward your parents with His boundless generosity.

The Best Dua for Parent’s Health and Long Life in English

One of the most potent ways to ask Allah for your parents’ health and life is dua. We thank our parents for their love, sacrifice, and care. Making dua for them is the least we can do to repay them and seek Allah’s mercy.

Dua for parents’ health

Give my parents mercy for rearing me, O Allah. This entire dua asks for forgiveness and mercy for you and your parents. Say this dua when your parents are sick or elderly.

Dua for parents’ longevity

โ€œMy Lord, have mercy upon them as they raised me when I was little.โ€ This dua for parent’s health requests Allah to extend kindness and compassion to your parents as they raised you. Praying for them long, healthy life is a great way to thank them for their selflessness in raising you.

Forgive parents

โ€œOh Allah, forgive me and my parents and have mercy on them for caring for me as a child.โ€ Asking Allah for forgiveness for yourself and your parents is very beneficial. Ask Allah’s unlimited mercy for your relationship’s flaws and trials.

You are making passionate dua for your parents often, especially when sick or elderly, is one of the most significant gestures of kindness. Sincere dua can strengthen your parents, ease their struggles, and extend their lives by Allah’s will. May Allah bless them with good health, long lives, and blessings.

Dua for Parents Who Passed Away

Losing a parent is a big sorrow. Even after they’re gone, you want to honor and remember them. Dua for parent’s health is a good way. Making dua for your deceased parents might bring them forgiveness, mercy, and blessings in the afterlife.

Mercy and forgiveness

Ask Allah (swt) to Forgive your parents for their faults and weaknesses. Ask Allah to forgive your parents, pardon their sins, and embrace their good actions.

Jannah Status Increased

Ask Allah to give your parents the highest Jannah and exalted standing. For instance, “O Allah, make their grave spacious and illuminated.” Improve their afterlife status and grant them Jannatul Firdaus, the ultimate Paradise.โ€

Continuous Reward

Your good deeds can benefit your parents after death. Ask Allah to let your good deeds reach them in death. For example, one may pray to Allah that their good deeds will bring comfort and joy until the Day of Judgment.

Peace and tranquility

Grieving and adjusting to life without a loved one is difficult. Allah, offer your parents peace and consolation in their graves. Say, “O Allah, make my parents’ graves a garden from the gardens of Paradise.”


One of the greatest benefits you can give your deceased parents is dua. Talk About An Article Which You Have Read About Health, your dua for parent’s health will grant them Allah’s forgiveness, mercy, and Paradise even after they die. Allah, please forgive our parents and loved ones who have passed away.

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Which surah has parent dua?

The Quran 17-24 ุฑูŽู‘ุจูู‘ ุงุฑู’ุญูŽู…ู’ู‡ูู…ูŽุง ูƒูŽู…ูŽุง ุฑูŽุจูŽู‘ูŠูŽุงู†ููŠ ุตูŽุบููŠุฑู‹ุง Rabbir kama Sargeera Rabbayani “My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small.” May Allah help us love our parents!

How do I pray for my parents’ longevity?

They have been my guides, supporters, and earthly representations of Your love. As they have cared for me throughout my life, please care for and nurture them. Lord, grant them good health.

How do I pray for Mom?

Lord, I lift [mother’s name] to you. Give her wisdom and help her as a [wife, mother, sister, and friend]. Please give her strength, encouragement, and guidance as she seeks balance.

Why pray for parents?

God asks us to reverence our parents in Ephesians 6:2. In this verse, โ€œhonorโ€ implies โ€œto give weight.โ€ Give our parents weight in your heart and life to honor them. As mature children, we may accomplish this by praying for them in terms of Dua for Parent’s Health.