what is the next step after medical test for Canada immigration

What is the Next Step After Medical Test for Canada Immigration?

Hi there! After your medical exam, you wonder what’s next for your Canadian immigration application. You’re not alone in feeling puzzled or frightened about the procedure. The good news is about what is the next step after medical test for canada immigration the following steps are simple. The immigration office will evaluate your medical reports to ensure you fit their health standards. A few weeks are typical for approval. You or your doctor will be contacted for more information. Once you have the go-ahead, relax and celebrate until your application is approved. Stay positive—you’ve overcome a significant obstacle! A clean bill of health brings you closer to your northern life. Keep going—the end is near!

Completing Your Medical Exam for What is the Next Step After Medical Test for Canada Immigration

After submitting your Canadian immigration application and receiving notification of medical exams, complete them. These are done to keep you healthy and not strain Canada’s healthcare system.

Book your exam

You must schedule a medical exam with an approved panel physician in your country. Bring your medical exam request letter to the appointment. The doctor will evaluate your medical history and perform a physical exam, chest x-ray, blood, and urine tests. The results will be compiled into a medical report for IRCC evaluation.

What is assessed

Canadian healthcare expenses and health factors are assessed during the medical exam. Pre-existing or chronic conditions are highlighted—the exam checks for infectious diseases to meet public health standards. Diabetes, heart disease, and hepatitis may need follow-up tests or treatment before immigration.

Awaiting approval

When come to what is the next step after medical test for Canada immigration, the IRCC medical officer will analyze your medical reports to determine if you meet immigration health requirements—6 weeks to 6 months for approval. You will be notified if a follow-up is needed or if your application is medically approved. You need approval before preparing to become a permanent resident of Canada.

The medical exam process can be laborious, but it’s necessary to guarantee you can enjoy your new life in Canada without health issues. Your patience and perseverance will get you through this process and become a Canadian permanent resident. Stay positive—your new house awaits!

What Happens After Your Medical Exam Is Submitted

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The clinic will verify your Canadian immigration medical exam results. They will provide your medical information to IRCC electronically within a few business days. Now comes the waiting game.

IRCC Medical Officer review

So now you think about what is the next step after medical test for Canada immigration. An IRCC medical officer will thoroughly review your exam results. They must decide if your medical conditions could strain Canada’s health and social services. If no issues are found, your medical exam will be termed “passed,” and you can continue with immigration.

Additional exams (if needed)

The medical officer may order additional tests to understand better your health and its effects on the Canadian healthcare system. They may request additional blood tests, X-rays, specialist consultations, or other tests. You will be informed of any necessary medical testing and directed on how to schedule it.

A Medical Choice

After receiving all medical facts, the IRCC medical officer will make one of three decisions on your file:

1. Medical clearance obtained – Your health conditions or conditions will not strain Canada’s health care system. Proceed with your application.

2. Temporary medical delay – IRCC requires further time or information for decision-making. Your application may be delayed or require additional medical testing.

3. Medical inadmissibility – Excessive demand makes your health conditions inadmissible. IRCC will deny your application for medical reasons. You may appeal this decision.

The answer of your query what is the next step after medical test for Canada immigration. Medical reviews usually take 2–3 months, although complex situations can take longer. IRCC will tell you directly about the medical determination of your immigration application. The wait is over—start planning your next exciting chapter in Canada!

What is the Next Step After Medical Test for Canada Immigration – Wait for Medical Approval

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The wait begins after your medical exam. The IRCC will evaluate your medical reports to determine if you meet immigration health requirements. This usually takes 3–12 months. Take some next steps while waiting.

Assess Applications Regularly

Log in to your IRCC account often to verify your medical exam and application status. Watch for updates on your medical findings being received and “in process.” Approval changes status to “passed”. For more information, IRCC will contact you. Avoid delays by monitoring your application progress to ensure no inquiries go unanswered.

Gather More Documents

IRCC may require additional medical tests or data to complete your health assessment. Please send the necessary documentation soon. Collect more health records from your family doctor, specialists, and hospitals in advance. These may include exam findings, diagnostic test results, or treatment documentation. Prepare these documents for quick IRCC upload.

Review medical inadmissibility

When talk about what is the next step after medical test for Canada immigration. Remember that IRCC may find you medically inadmissible, depending on your exam results. You can request a medical inadmissibility review when a panel reevaluates your case. Work with your doctor for a detailed letter about your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Explain how you use health or social services sparingly. Many times, this evidence-based plea can overturn an inadmissibility ruling.

Waiting after an exam is stressful, but staying on top of the following steps will speed up your medical examination. If necessary, check your application status, prepare supplemental medical records, and request an inadmissibility review. You may get medical approval for your Canadian immigration application with patience and preparedness.

Potential Outcomes From the Immigration Medical Exam

After your Canadian immigration medical check, several outcomes are possible. Fortunately, most applicants are medically eligible. However, some may face additional information or testing needs. To prepare for your exam, know the possible outcomes.

Medical Approval

Medical approval to immigrate is the most usual outcome. Medical admissibility is likely if your medical exam results are normal and you have no major health issues. Clearance allows you to continue the immigration process.

Medical Inadmissibility

You may be medically ineligible if the doctor identifies a health condition that threatens public health or safety or overburdens health and social services. Your application will be denied due to medical requirements. You can appeal the decision and offer doctor-provided medical evidence.

Request More Information

The examining physician may order additional tests, reports, or assessments to determine Canada Medical Test admissibility. They will clarify what extra information is needed, such as blood tests, X-rays, or a family doctor’s letter. Please submit the requested information, which may delay application processing. With the supplementary information, your application may be allowed.

What is the next step after medical test for Canada immigration, so it’s fair to worry about the results. Don’t worry—most applicants are medically fit to immigrate after giving any needed follow-up information. Knowing the possible outcomes will help you set expectations and prepare for more requests. Don’t despair if you get a wrong decision—you can appeal!


Now you know all about what is the next step after medical test for Canada immigration. IRCC receives your medical exam results directly from the clinic. Your Canadian immigration dream is nearly realized. The wait may be stressful, but stay positive. You’ve progressed. Hopefully, you’ll move to Canada. Remember to prepare for your future in your new country. The outcome is out of your control, so relax. Be hopeful and trust that it will work out if it should. Canadian dreams await!

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How long will medical outcomes take?

Your exam panel physician will analyze the results and report to IRCC within 3–4 weeks. After reviewing the report, IRCC will include it in your immigration application. A typical process takes 6-8 weeks.

How about medical issues?

If the medical exam shows issues that could affect your health insurance premiums or public health in Canada, IRCC may request more information or tests. You’ll receive a letter with instructions and a deadline. Avoid delays by responding swiftly and providing needed details.

Do I need additional documents?

In some circumstances. If your evaluation revealed medical difficulties or required more testing, you must provide follow-up reports, test findings, or doctor statements. Your panel physician should tell you if your immigration medical case needs more paperwork. Send these to IRCC ASAP.

Can I accelerate medical treatment?

Medical exams and reviews are rarely accelerated. To avoid delays, bring all relevant papers to your medical exam.

Responding quickly to medical evidence requests.

Check your medical results 6–8 weeks after your checkup and contact IRCC if needed.

IRCC will mail you if there are issues, so keep your address current in terms of what is the next step after medical test for canada immigration.

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