Steward Health Care System

3 Key Facts About Steward Health Care System You Haven’t Heard

You surely know the big medical names—the vast not-for-profit institutions that dot every corner. You may not know that Texas is home to one of the nation’s largest private healthcare networks. Steward Health Care System is the most significant hidden for-profit player. They’ve discreetly created an integrated care and coverage model nationwide with hospitals and doctor’s offices. This post will reveal how this massive structure differs from huge nonprofits. You’ll learn why they grew so fast and how their approach benefits patients.

Steward’s National Footprint: Locations Across the U.S.

The Northeast and Massachusetts

Steward Health Care System has the most hospitals and physicians in Massachusetts, from Boston to Fall River. Boston’s St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center and Carney Hospital, as do Norwood, Brockton, and Quincy hospitals, offer sophisticated care.

The Southeast and Florida

Since 2017, Steward has opened 16 Florida facilities, including in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Tampa. Coral Gables, Florida Medical Center, and Palmetto General Hospital treat millions of Floridians. Alabama and Louisiana are joining Steward’s Southeast expansion.

The Southwest and Texas

Steward Health Care System, headquartered in Dallas, has hospitals in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and other Texas towns. Medical City Arlington is the system’s flagship full-service hospital and Level II trauma center in Texas. Steward runs Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas hospitals.

Steward From coast to coast

In 9 states, Steward Health Care runs 35 acute care hospitals and over 800 urgent care centers, clinics, and private offices, servicing over 4 million patients yearly. Steward coordinates patient care across markets using their integrated care concept. Steward’s growing national network ensures quality care for families nationwide, even though it is less well-known than HCA Healthcare or Community Health Systems.

Key Facts About Steward Health Care System

Massive and growing

Steward Health Care is the most extensive private, for-profit U.S. healthcare system you may not know. It has around 800 clinics and 38 hospitals in 10 states. Steward has almost 40,000 employees. Hospital and physician practice acquisitions keep the corporation proliferating.

Integrated Care Model

Steward Health Care System has an integrated care model, meaning its healthcare system works together. If you see a Steward doctor, your data and care plan are shared across facilities. The goal is high-quality, affordable treatment.

Insurance, Managed Care

Steward owns health insurance and manages Medicaid-managed care plans and hospitals and clinics. This mix of providers and payers allows Steward more patient care and financial management. To cut costs, the organization practices preventative care, chronic illness management, and decreasing unneeded treatments.

Steward’s Approach to Integrated Care Delivery

Steward Health Care System strives for system-wide coordination. Primary Care First Steward’s model emphasizes primary care. Steward operates over 450 primary care practices in its markets because it believes a strong foundation improves health and lowers costs. Primary care clinicians at Steward create patient-specific treatment plans based on their needs and risks. They refer patients to Steward experts, hospitals, and health plans when needed.

Connected System

Steward’s comprehensive approach links its healthcare services. Steward runs 35 community hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, urgent care centers, and skilled nursing facilities. Steward owns facilities across the care continuum to manage patient care. A Steward primary care doctor can directly admit a patient to a hospital. Medical records and care plans from the patient’s primary care practice are available to hospital doctors.

Stats and Analytics

Steward’s system relies on data and analytics. Steward gathers patient data from hospitals, providers, health plans, and partners. This data helps it understand health trends, expenditures, and care gaps. Steward leverages these data to improve care coordination, preventative care, and health risk management before they increase expenses. Steward’s population health approach relies on data to keep communities healthy.

How Can People Get The Most Out Of The Steward Health Care System?

Steward Health Care provides coordinated, quality care to improve health outcomes across its network. Steward is the most extensive private health system in the U.S. It offers many resources and services.

Find a Primary Care Physician

Start by seeing a Steward-affiliated internist or family doctor. Your PCP will manage your health and consult with specialists. Steward’s website lets you search for PCPs by geography and insurance. Find a doctor you trust by checking their credentials and patient ratings.

Look into Wellness Programs

Steward’s wellness initiatives help you form healthy habits and enhance your health. Steward offers gym membership discounts through its network of fitness clubs. Nutrition counseling, weight loss programs, and diabetes education are also available from Steward Health Care System. Discuss programs tailored to your health needs with your doctor.

Control Your Health Online

Steward’s patient site and mobile app allow remote health management. Text your doctor, book appointments, renew prescriptions, examine test results, and access your health data using these digital tools. You can focus on proactive care with all your health information in one location.


Steward Health Care System has quietly become a big U.S. healthcare provider. Their integrated care strategy focuses on quality results at lower costs and aims to transform an industry in need. Their lofty intentions will be tested, but this health system is determined to make a difference. As Steward Health Care rapidly expands nationwide, we’ll hear more about them. Our Services include the best healthy eating habits, nutrition guides, diet, nutrition plans and newsdailytime.

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How many Steward Health Care locations?

Steward manages over 30 hospitals in several states and employs tens of thousands, including 16,000 in Massachusetts, according to unions. Steward put its creditors at over 100,000 and liabilities between $1 billion–$10 billion in its bankruptcy case.

Are Brockton Hospital and Steward affiliated?

Dallas-based Steward Health Care operates the following Massachusetts hospitals and owes $50 million in rent: These hospitals include Carney Hospital in Dorchester, Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton, Holy Family in Haverhill and Methuen, Morton Hospital in Taunton, and Nashoba Valley Medical Center in New.

Who is Steward Health’s CEO?

In a news release, CEO Dr. Ralph de la Torre said that Steward Health Care has done everything possible to succeed in a highly challenging healthcare climate.

Who takes over Massachusetts’ Steward Health Care?

BOSTON- As millions in debt mount, the troubled Steward Health Care Network is selling off a large chunk of its business. The hospital informed Massachusetts Tuesday that UnitedHealth organization affiliate Optum Care will buy Steward’s physician network.

When did Cerberus sell Steward?

In May 2020, Cerberus transferred their controlling stock holdings in Steward firms to CEO Ralph de la Torre, MD, and other Steward management for $350 million.

What is a steward in healthcare?

The WHO defines stewardship as “the careful and responsible management of the population’s well-being.” As a steward, the government should guide the health system to ensure population health.

What trauma level is Texas Vista Medical Center?

In addition to being a Level II stroke center and Level IV trauma center, Texas Vista Medical Center has received the American Heart and American Stroke Associations’ Stroke Performance Award in terms of Steward Health Care System.