SSC GD Medical Test Details

6 SSC GD Medical Test Details Decoded for Aspiring Candidates

You’ve spent months studying for the SSC GD written exam and interview, dreaming of being chosen. Before becoming too hopeful, the medical checkup is the final stage. It makes you nervous since it decides your physical and mental fitness for the job. No worries! Let us prepare you for the medical test so you can face it confidently. This article breaks down the SSC GD medical test details, including the exams, what they assess, minimum standards to pass, and expert suggestions. Take a deep breath and keep reading to pass the medical test between you and SSC GD!

Overview SSC GD Medical Test Details

The SSC GD medical exam is crucial to recruitment. Staff Selection Commission minimum medical standards must be met to be selected. The medical test assesses your physical and mental health to see if you can perform the demanding tasks of an SSC GD constable.

The medical test follows the written and precedes the physical efficiency test. SSC GD medical test details include:

General health checkup: Measurements include height, weight, eyesight, and blood pressure. Screening for chronic and severe illnesses.

Eye exam: Assesses visual acuity, color vision, and night vision to confirm compliance with vision requirements. Color blindness can disqualify.

Ear exam: Assesses hearing skills. Hearing loss above a certain degree can trigger rejection.

Blood and urine tests: Check for medical illnesses affecting work performance, such as diabetes or renal issues.

A chest x-ray screens for abnormalities or respiratory disorders.

A treadmill stress test may be undertaken to assess heart health and stamina if necessary.

SSC GD constables must pass a thorough medical exam to ensure their health and endurance. With medical approval, you will advance in selection. Before reading SSC GD medical test details, you should prepare adequately, treat any medical concerns, and be healthy. Staying active, eating well, and decreasing weight can help you pass the medical test.

All the best! Working hard and focusing on results.

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SSC GD Medical Examination 2024

SSC GD constable medical exams assess physical fitness and employment suitability. Candidates must pass several health examinations to meet medical standards.

Vision Exam

You will be tested for 6/6 vision in each eye with or without glasses. The medical officer will test your eyesight, color, night, and depth perception. Eye health is important before the exam.

Weight and Height

Height and weight standards for SSC GD constables vary by gender and category. To establish eligibility, the medical officer will note your height in millimeters and weight in kilos.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure indicates cardiac health and fitness. Less than 140/90 mmHg is average. Hypertension can cause difficulties and affect job performance; thus, the medical examiner will check for it.

Hearing Test

Adequate hearing is crucial for police officers to communicate and stay aware of their surroundings. An audiometry test will assess your hearing. To qualify, your hearing loss must be under 30 decibels.

Physical Fitness

You will complete physical fitness tests to evaluate your strength, flexibility, and endurance. Shot throw, long jump, high jump, and 1.6 km run are examples. Conditions vary by gender and category. To complete these events easily, practice and prepare.

X-rays, lab tests

Chest X-rays, blood tests, and urine tests may screen for underlying diseases during the medical exam. Your blood group, hemoglobin, blood sugar, and hepatitis B will be tested. Initial screening results may require additional tests.

After knowing all about SSC GD medical test details, complete the medical exam to improve your chances of becoming an SSC GD constable. Learn what to expect from testing and screenings to prepare and avoid surprises. Good health and fitness will help you pass the medical exam.

Document Verification for Detailed Medical Examination 2023-24

After reading the SSC GD medical test details, you must check the documents to take the full medical test. Prepare the following:

• Your medical exam call letter. It will include your roll number, exam date, time, and location.

• Provide identity proof, such as Aadhaar, PAN, passport, or voter ID. We accept any of these.

• Proof of age, such as birth certificate, class 10 certificate, or other government document confirming date of birth.

• Certificate of caste or category (where applicable The original and copies are needed.

What happens during document verification?

Your documents will be checked at the exam venue to confirm your SSC GD application form information is correct. Your call letter, ID, and age will be matched. Discrepancies may prevent you from taking the medical exam.

Exam venue staff will verify the following:

Check that all papers match your name, birth date, and caste.

Ensure if your photos match your present appearance.

Identify any indication of document alteration or damage. Such cases may require further proof.

Verify the authenticity and validity of your caste certificate if you belong to a reserved category.

After document verification, you’ll get a medical exam. The medical test will only be given to candidates whose documents are validated. They will be ‘Absent’ for the exam.

To avoid last-minute issues, bring all original documents and verified photocopies. Prepare and plan well to breeze through document verification. All the best!

Reasons for Rejection in the SSC GD Medical Test

The SSC GD medical exam demands that the fittest candidates be picked physically and cognitively. Unfortunately, many applicants are denied for failing to meet standards. Common SSC GD medical test rejection causes include SSC GD medical test details:

Poor eyesight—Your visual acuity, color, and night vision are assessed. Uncorrected visual acuity below 6/12 in the better eye will result in rejection. Corrective operations like LASIK can enhance eyesight before application.

Hearing impairment is assessed for frequency and intensity. The inability to hear average conversational discourse with both ears at 2 meters in a quiet room usually leads to rejection. Reapplying may require hearing aids or other procedures.

Weight Issues—Candidates who are overweight or underweight for their height and age may be rejected. Extreme obesity or underweight can signal health issues that affect job performance. A healthy weight can be achieved with a balanced diet and activity.

Chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and epilepsy must be well-controlled to pass the medical exam. Rejection is due to poor chronic illness management or not following your doctor’s treatment plan.

Substance abuse—illegal drugs, alcohol, or addiction—will lead to rejection. Before the medical exam, candidates should be sober for 2-3 months and avoid illegal drugs. Some may need professional counseling or rehabilitation.

Mental Illness Without treatment and medication, severe anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions can affect job performance and lead to rejection. Licensed mental health professionals should be consulted.

Under SSC GD medical test details select healthy mental and physical individuals for challenging work. Dealing with potential rejections early and implementing lifestyle adjustments will increase your chances of passing this complete medical evaluation.


That’s it, folks. Your knowledge of the SSC GD medical test details is complete. It isn’t easy, but you can succeed with dedication and preparation. Improve your health and fitness, think clearly under pressure, and trust yourself. You’ve pursued your aspirations this far. The medical exam is another step toward them. We believe in you. Prepare well, try your hardest, and good luck! Got it.

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What tests are done?

SSC GD medical exams often include:

• Physical exam: height, weight, blood pressure, vision, hearing

• Blood tests: check for anemia or diabetes

• Urine test: screens for kidney or organ issues

• Chest x-ray: checks for lung conditions

• Treadmill test: assesses heart health and endurance during exercise

How should I study for the medical exam?

To prepare for SSC GD medical exam:

• Get enough sleep the night before the exam

• Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs before the exam

• Stay hydrated with lots of water

Learn about medical issues that may disqualify you and what to disclose to doctors. Bring ID, glasses or contacts, and a list of your prescriptions.

What can cause disqualification?

Disqualifications for SSC GD service include:

• Uncorrectable vision or hearing loss

• Complications from diabetes or thyroid disease

• Musculoskeletal disorders

• Frequent treatment for mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder

• Substance-related issues.

When will I obtain my medical exam results?

Your SSC GD medical exam results usually take 2–4 weeks. Before assessing if you fulfill medical criteria, doctors must analyze your test results, x-rays, and medical history. Your medical review results will be mailed in a formal letter. Medical unfitness letters explain why you were disqualified.

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