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Spectrum Health Grand Rapids Top 10 Care in West Michigan

You have heard “health is wealth.” Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers the greatest health care. Spectrum, West Michigan’s largest integrated health system, has provided excellent treatment for over 10 years. Spectrum provides sophisticated therapies you won’t find elsewhere in the region with award-winning hospitals, a devoted medical group, and nationally recognized experts. This article explains why Spectrum Health should be your first choice for medical care for your family. Spectrum has top cancer, neurology, and heart care programs. Trust Spectrum Health Grand Rapids‘ top-notch providers when your health is at stake.

Spectrum Health’s Areas of Clinical Excellence

Spectrum Health excels in various specialties nationwide.

Cancer Care

Spectrum Health’s Commission on Cancer-accredited cancer care program offers comprehensive treatment for many types of cancer. Grand Rapids’ Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion has cutting-edge radiation, medical, and infusion capabilities. Clinical studies, massage, acupuncture, and psychotherapy are available to patients.


Michigan’s largest heart surgery and procedure provider is Spectrum Health’s heart and vascular team. The globally accredited Grand Rapids Meijer Heart Center treats heart disease and vascular diseases using modern diagnostics and chest discomfort. A dedicated congenital heart facility serves children and adults at Spectrum Health.


Spectrum Health Grand Rapids Neurosciences Network offers one of the nation’s largest stroke centers and treats brain tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological conditions. Grand Rapids’ Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center and Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion have 3T MRI, PET/CT, and robot-assisted surgery.

Maternal & Child Health

Spectrum Health’s Maternal & Child Health program offers prenatal, postnatal, labor and delivery, and infant/child care. The new von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital in Grand Rapids has private rooms, spa-like amenities, and a level III neonatal critical care unit. Spectrum Health runs West Michigan children’s hospitals, ERs, and outpatient services.

Spectrum Health’s professional teams provide compassionate, high-quality treatment for all ages, from life-threatening illnesses to deliveries. They lead West Michigan and beyond in healthcare with their experience, innovative facilities, and commitment to health and wellness.

Spectrum Health Grand Rapids Top-Ranked Specialties and Services

Future Health Concepts

Spectrum Health is nationally ranked in cardiology, heart surgery, oncology, neuroscience, and orthopedics.

Cardiovascular Care

U.S. News and World Report ranks Spectrum Health’s heart program in the top 50. Spectrum Health cardiologists and heart surgeons diagnose and treat coronary artery disease, heart failure, and valve disease with sophisticated technology. The Meijer Cardiac Center has cutting-edge, minimally invasive, and sophisticated cardiac surgery techniques. The latest therapy studies are available to patients.

Cancer Treatment

Spectrum Health Grand Rapids offers comprehensive cancer treatment near home through its Commission on Cancer-accredited program. The Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion provides cutting-edge radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and surgery for all cancers in a tranquil, spa-like setting. Patients benefit from nationally known physicians and clinical trials for new cancer treatments.


Spectrum Health features a top neuroscience program for stroke emergency care and severe brain and spine diseases. Spectrum Health neurosurgeons remove brain tumors, operate on spines, and treat Parkinson’s disease in thousands of procedures annually. Brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and migraine treatment are offered.


Spectrum Health Orthopedics is nationally ranked for hip and knee replacement. Spectrum Health orthopedic doctors undertake complex revision and minimally invasive joint replacement. They treat sports injuries, arthritis, fractures, and foot and ankle issues. Physical and occupational therapists help surgery and injury patients regain strength and mobility.

Spectrum Health sets new West Michigan healthcare standards with nationally recognized treatment, modern facilities, and cutting-edge research. Patients have local access to top doctors and cutting-edge medical technology.

Accessing Care at Spectrum Health Grand Rapids

Spectrum Healthoffers 12 hospitals and 180 ambulatory care centers in West Michigan. With so many alternatives, getting treatment can be confusing. Here are the main ways to obtain treatment.

Emergency Care

Go to Spectrum Health Butterworth or Blodgett Hospitals’ emergency departments for life-threatening crises. Both level I trauma facilities have 24/7 board-certified emergency medicine and trauma surgeons.

Urgent care

Spectrum Health’s urgent care centers may treat non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. They have extended hours for sprains, stitches, fever, and small fractures. Avoid an unwanted (and expensive) ER visit by seeing a doctor.

Primary Care

Long-term health management is better with a primary care physician. Spectrum Health provides family, internal, and pediatric medicine in West Michigan. Book your annual physical, obtain suggested screenings, and get to know your doctor.

Specialty Care

Spectrum Health offers approximately 2,000 doctors in 50 adult and 30 pediatric disciplines. Spectrum Health has nationally regarded cardiologists, endocrinologists, and rheumatologists. Your primary care doctor can recommend a specialist for your issue.

Spectrum Health Grand Rapids provides emergency and primary care. High-quality care is assured with various access points and award-winning doctors and providers. Start by scheduling an appointment with your doctor or visiting spectrumhealth.org.

Which Type of Service Does Spectrum Health Provide

West Michigan families can choose from several Spectrum Health health services. Spectrum Health’s doctors, nurses, and medical staff provide compassionate, professional care for primary care, emergency services, surgery, and cancer treatment.

Primary and Specialty Care

Spectrum Health has over 200 West Michigan general care and specialized facilities. They receive routine examinations, screenings, chronic disease management, and flu treatment from their primary care physicians. Spectrum Health offers nearly 2,000 specialists in cardiology, orthopedics, maternal-fetal medicine, and psychiatry.

Emergency and Urgency Care

Spectrum Health Grand Rapids Butterworth, Blodgett, and Helen DeVos Children’s hospitals provide 24/7 emergency departments. Their board-certified emergency physicians and trauma teams treat critical injuries and diseases quickly. Over a dozen Spectrum Health urgent care locations handle non-life-threatening ailments like sprains, stitches, and severe colds.

Surgical and Hospital Care

Spectrum Health’s Butterworth, Blodgett, and Helen DeVos Children’s hospitals offer inpatient care and several surgeries. They specialize in neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, and da Vinci robotic surgery. Through rehabilitation, Spectrum Health helps patients regain strength and movement after surgery or injury.

Spectrum Health has always promoted community health. They make West Michigan healthy by offering high-quality, tailored care for patients at every stage.


Spectrum Health Grand Rapids is your best option for local, high-quality care. Spectrum is your one-stop shop for health care thanks to its top-notch facilities and top doctors and nurses. With sites around West Michigan, care is always nearby. Spectrum has the experience and heart to provide preventive, specialist, and emergency care. Spectrum’s dedication to patient-first treatment by skilled staff in cutting-edge facilities makes it the region’s top provider. When health matters, trust Spectrum.

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What services do they offer?

Spectrum Health Grand Rapids treats most health issues. Their specialties include emergency, cancer, heart and vascular, neurosciences, orthopedics, primary care, rehabilitation, and women’s health. Their renowned doctors and specialists can likely treat your condition.

How much does care cost?

Spectrum Health charges based on therapy and insurance. Major insurers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Priority Health, and Medicare, are accepted. Spectrum Health offers inexpensive payment plans for uninsured patients. Their goal is to enhance health, inspire hope, and save lives regardless of income.

How to find a doctor?

Spectrum Health offers approximately 2,500 doctors and advanced practice providers. You can search their online doctor directory by name, specialty, gender, and location. Find a trustworthy doctor by reading patient reviews. Your primary care physician can recommend you to a Spectrum Health expert.

What are their safety protocols?

Spectrum Health follows strong safety and sanitation measures to prevent infections and provide high-quality care. They regularly clean rooms and equipment, require staff to wash hands and handle dangerous chemicals according to health rules. Spectrum Health isolates contagious patients to prevent the spread. Spectrum Health is among the safest healthcare systems due to its superior air filtration, thorough cleaning, and infectious disease measures.

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