GAMCA Medical Test Report

GAMCA Medical Test Report What You Need to Know About Test

You’re moving to the Middle East for work. After getting a job and visa, the Gulf Approved Medical Centres Association (GAMCA) medical exam is the final step. What is it, and why is the GAMCA medical test report needed? Foreign workers in GCC countries must pass this test. It’s inconvenient, but it protects public health. We’ll explain everything you need to ace it. Our discussion will cover exam components, medical issues that cause failure, how to prepare, and how to swiftly approve your medical report. Learn GAMCA’s secrets and tick it off your pre-departure list.

What Is the GAMCA Medical Test Report?

The Gulf Approved Medical Centres Association (GAMCA) issues immigration medical test reports. GAMCA represents GCC-approved medical centers in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Work-related immigration to any GCC country requires a medical test at a GAMCA-approved medical center in your native country. The medical test usually includes:

• General physical exam

• Blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis B, and C

• Chest X-ray for tuberculosis

GAMCA will issue a medical report or certificate pronouncing you “fit to work” in the GCC once you pass all medical examinations. Your GCC resident permit application requires this GAMCA medical test report.

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GCC countries may have different medical testing and report formats, but the goal is the same. Before receiving work residency, immigrants are tested for contagious diseases. Some employers request GAMCA medical reports before hiring or as part of the employment offer.

Pre-obtaining a GAMCA medical report speeds up GCC immigration. Three to six months after issuing, the report is valid. Your destination GCC country’s immigration rules determine validity. The country’s embassy or consulate should be consulted before your medical exam.

Booking Your GAMCA Medical Appointment

You want a GCC job. The Gulf Approved Medical Centres Association conducts medical tests for work visas in GCC nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, etc. Start by scheduling an appointment at a GAMCA-approved medical center.

The booking process is simple for the GAMCA medical test report. Some options:

• Find an accredited medical center near you on the GAMCA website. Make an appointment with them directly. Provide your personal information, appointment date, and GCC country of employment.

• Collaborate with a recruitment agency in your native nation for GCC visa processing. Their services include booking GAMCA medical appointments.

• Contact local travel agencies or enterprises for GCC work visa assistance. Some may book and coordinate medical tests for a cost.

•Call a GAMCA helpline to find local medical centers and make an appointment. Prepare all your information for the call center representative.

•Some nations, like Kuwait, allow GAMCA medical appointments via their eVisa website. Choose a medical center, date, and time, fill out the form, and pay online. Print the payment receipt for your appointment.

Ensure you have a passport, passport-sized pictures, and other GCC country-specific paperwork before your test. Attend your appointment a few minutes early at the medical center. Most GAMCA medical exams include a general health checkup, chest x-ray, blood test, and drug screening. The entire operation takes 3–5 hours.

Passing the GAMCA medical test report is essential to getting a GCC work visa. Booking the appointment and gathering documentation gets you going! Next, apply for a work visa through the relevant channels based on your intended GCC country of employment.

Checking Your GAMCA Medical Report Online

Reviewing your GAMCA medical test report follows the exam. The report will establish if you may get a work visa for Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc. Make sure your details and test results are correct.

Click ‘Check Medical Report Status’ on the GAMCA website to view your medical report. To view your report, enter your GAMCA ID or passport number. Verify your name, age, nationality, etc.

Review your blood, x-ray, and physical exam results. Ensure all outcomes are normal and error-free. Contact GAMCA immediately if anything needs to be corrected. You may need to retake tests to confirm the findings.

The medical report summary should say that you are ‘Fit to Travel’ or ‘Medically Fit’ for the nation you plan to work in. If you are ‘Unfit to Travel’ or need more testing, you must submit more medical reports before permission.

After checking your GAMCA medical test report, you can utilize it to get the right work visa for your location. The report is usually valid for 3–6 months after the exam. Start the visa process immediately.

Certain countries may demand extra medical tests or reports beyond the GAMCA exam. Know the medical requirements for your work visa. GCC countries have distinct rules. For the latest information, visit the embassy website.

Following up on your GAMCA medical report is crucial. You can avoid work visa complications and delays by checking your report carefully. Address problems and issues immediately. This preparation will ensure a smooth medical clearance and work visa process.

GAMCA Medical Test Report Processing Time

After your GAMCA medical exam, your medical report takes 7-15 business days to process. The timeframe depends on the GAMCA panel physician’s office and workload. What to expect during report processing:

• Post-exam, the panel physician reviews test findings and medical history to assess fitness for international travel and work based on GAMCA minimum health criteria. Follow-up testing or treatments may delay processing.

•The panel physician completes your “GAMCA Certificate” medical report. A medical report with assessment data and results is reviewed and approved by GAMCA to verify compliance with requirements before being released to you. All GAMCA medical centers use this quality assurance method to ensure fairness and high standards.

• The GAMCA medical report can be downloaded from their website or collected at the panel physician’s office after approval. Some offices call, email, or text you when your report is ready.

• In rare situations, GAMCA may need a re-test or re-assessment if the initial medical report included concerns. This can delay processing by several days.

Only schedule non-refundable travel once you have your GAMCA medical report. Average delivery time is 7-15 days; however, allow up to 3 weeks for delays. Contact your panel physician’s office to check if your medical report has been extended.


For those facing a GAMCA medical test report, here are the essentials. Being prepared, taking the exam, and interpreting the results are helpful. This should make you feel more prepared. GAMCA requirements don’t have to be scary with previous planning and preparation. Approach it step-by-step, and you’ll overcome this hurdle quickly. We’re supporting you while you complete this crucial step!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is included in the GAMCA medical report?

Your GAMCA medical report will include exam facts such as your personal information (name, age, nationality, etc.).

• Exam date and location

• Test findings (e.g., blood pressure, eyesight, hearing, chest x-rays)

• Recommended follow-up tests or treatments before the trip

How do you check GAMCA medical report results?

You can view your GAMCA medical report online. Enter your GAMCA ID or passport number on the webpage. You can view and download your full report three to five days after your exam.

What if my report indicates “Unfit to Travel”?

If your report indicates “Unfit to Travel,” you may still be able to go. It just implies you may require more medical testing or treatment before traveling. The report will say what to do next. You must follow up with your doctor and provide GAMCA with the results. They may reevaluate your case and provide a new “Fit to Travel” assessment.

How long is a GAMCA medical report valid?

Your GAMCA medical report is valid for 6 months after your test. You must get a new report after another comprehensive medical exam if you don’t travel within 6 months. Contact employers or immigration officials if they need a more recent GAMCA Medical Test Report.

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