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Beaumont Health Spectrum Health Partners in Your Care

Beaumont and Spectrum Health want to be your lifelong partner, from checkups and medications to major surgery and rehab. These Michigan not-for-profits can provide specialized care for unexpected diagnoses, chronic conditions, or health improvement. They put you first while providing excellence with a state-wide network, superior medical research, and award-winning caring service. Beaumont Health Spectrum Health strives to make your care experience as smooth and successful as possible for your health and your family. Learn how they’ll accomplish this.

Know About the Beaumont Health Spectrum Health Partnership

Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health established a historic alliance to provide high-quality care to Michigan communities. This partnership brings together two national health systems to improve health, inspire hope, and save lives.

Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health offer more than 2,400 physicians and a wide range of services at 300 care facilities, including 22 hospitals and over 300 outpatient clinics. They employ over 64,000 people, including 15,000 nurses and over 4,000 advanced practice clinicians.

Beaumont Health Spectrum Health seeks to provide high-quality, local care to all Michigan citizens through this cooperation. Patients can access top medical specialists and lifesaving therapies in their local communities with locations across the state.

• Provide cutting-edge treatments and technologies. As a leading health network, they offer advanced operations, drug trials, and precision treatment for complex disorders.

• Address health concerns such as obesity, addiction, and mental health. They have more resources to assist community health programs, address social determinants, and improve behavioral health services.

• Improve efficiency and coordination to reduce costs. Over time, sharing best practices and resources throughout the network can lower patient and employer healthcare costs.

This new alliance aims to help Michigan citizens live healthier lives. Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health benefit every community in the state by combining their knowledge, resources, and enthusiasm for patient care. The future of Michigan health care is bright.

Expanded Access to High-Quality Care Across Michigan

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Beaumont Health Spectrum Health works together to provide high-quality care to Michigan communities. They want to improve state-wide healthcare access and outcomes by pooling our resources and expertise.

Broad Care Network

They manage 22 hospitals and over 300 outpatient locations in Michigan, including primary care clinics, urgent care, and surgery centers. You can access Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health’s integrated healthcare services across the state. Their many facilities allow you to receive treatment close to home.

Best Doctors and Specialists

Their alliance members are over 4,000 physicians and advanced practice providers, including Michigan’s top specialists. Their expertise includes cancer, heart and vascular care, neurosciences, women’s health, pediatrics, and more.

Patients-First, High-Quality Care

Above all, Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health prioritize high-quality, compassionate, patient-centered care. Patients should feel empowered and supported throughout their care. Their goal is to provide exceptional care at all locations by

• Safe, high-quality care based on evidence-based practices

• Focusing on the whole person – mind, body, and spirit

• Respect, compassion, and personal connections with patients

• Tools and resources for active patient participation.

Beaumont Health Spectrum Health is improving Michigan residents’ health by cooperating. Patients will benefit from top-rated doctors and specialists, more services, and their commitment to high-quality, patient-centered care.

What the Merger Means for Patients

Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health collaborate to improve patient care. The new health system can benefit communities by merging resources, knowledge, and services.

For patients, the merger means.

Expanded access to local expertise and services. More resources and places provide more choice and convenience. Complex medical issues are more likely to be treated in the network.

A centralized location for medical records. A unified EHR system will help clinicians understand your medical history and health. This ensures proper treatment and prevents unneeded testing or procedures.

Coordinated care. Your doctors and caregivers can coordinate your treatment to maximize results. Chronic condition management and healthcare experience improve with this collaborative approach.

Enhanced virtual care options. Online urgent care visits, virtual treatment, and remote monitoring systems let you see your doctors from home. This is easier and helps you follow up on recommended care.

Dedicated to quality and safety. Beaumont Health Spectrum Health will increase quality, minimize errors, and innovate healthcare by merging data, insights, and best practices. Advanced medical technology and excellent outcomes and experiences will benefit patients.

Beaumont Health & Spectrum Health seeks to improve Michigan’s healthcare through improved access, integrated teams, virtual alternatives, and excellence. Your health looks better than ever.

Beaumont Health Spectrum Health Commitment to Community

Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health work together to improve community health. Both organizations were formed to aid the underserved, and their relationship continues that mission.

Beaumont Health began as one hospital for Detroit’s needy and poor. Beaumont has become Michigan’s most extensive healthcare system while maintaining its core objective. Starting as a single hospital, Spectrum Health served Grand Rapids. Spectrum continues to focus on community health and marginalized people in West Michigan.

Beaumont Health Spectrum Health promotes community health equity through targeted programs and relationships. Examples of these efforts include offering health information and screenings at neighborhood health fairs. Staff visits neighborhoods to check blood pressure, diabetes, and other health issues and provide information on chronic disease management and good living.

-Providing sliding-fee primary and preventative treatment at community health centers. These centers enable low-income and uninsured people to get healthcare.

-Local partnerships on social determinants of health like food, transportation, and housing. Beaumont and Spectrum support initiatives that link community residents with resources to help them live healthier lives.

Equity, inclusion, and diversity programs to recruit and build a workforce that reflects the communities served. Culturally competent workers can reduce healthcare inequities and deliver high-quality, empathetic treatment.

Beaumont Health Spectrum Health thinks collaborating with communities helps them understand local health challenges and provide community-specific solutions. Everyone should have a healthy and fulfilling life, which is their goal. They want to realize that vision through long-term collaboration.


Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health formed a nonprofit health system to provide Michigan patients and families with high-quality, compassionate care. As one of the state’s largest health systems, they can manage complex cases with a personal touch. Beaumont Health Spectrum Health offers preventive care and cutting-edge specialist treatment. You may rest assured that these two recognized professionals are prioritizing your health. Next time you or a loved one needs medical care, consider this new alliance for local options. They want to be your healthcare partners throughout.

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How do I find a doctor?

Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health have nearly 4,000 doctors and advanced practice experts for every need. Search online by specialty, region, gender, and insurance to discover a good one. After choosing a doctor, contact for an appointment.

How can I get my medical records?

The patient site provides your health records. It shows visits, prescriptions, immunizations, and other information. You can also message your doctor, seek refills, and pay bills. Mobile and internet apps allow access to websites.

What hospitals are in the network?

The Beaumont Health Spectrum Health system has 22 Michigan hospitals. Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Spectrum Health Butterworth, Spectrum Health Blodgett, and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital are well-known. All around Michigan, high-quality care is close.

What insurance plans are accepted?

Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Priority Health, Aetna, Cigna, Medicare, and Medicaid. Check with your hospital or doctor to see if your plan is accepted. Charity or subsidized care may be available to uninsured patients.

What will my care cost?

Your care costs depend on services and procedures. Your out-of-pocket costs depend on insurance coverage, deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. Call your care provider and provide insurance and service details for an estimate. Financial advisors can explain prices and arrange a payment plan.

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